Quantum Water Conditioner 250ml

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Plant Essential® Water Conditioner is designed to remove chlorine & chloramine without adding sodium. Chlorine and Chloramine are both present in tap water, they help kill unwanted microorganisms to ensure that they do not cause harm to humans. In plants, chlorine can cause leaf discolouration and decrease growth rates meanwhile in fish, chlorine has effects such as inhibiting respiratory function as well as damaging kidneys. Never add chlorinated tap water to the aquarium, always dechlorinate beforehand.

– Deionised Water
– Potassium Thiosulphate


This product must be used in freshwater planted aquariums only.

For dosing into water change container – we recommend adding slowly while mixing then complete water change as usual.

1 capful treats 100L (26 gal) of standard tap water – If chlorine levels are high in your area a double dose can be used safely. Note: 1 capful = ~10mL. At the standard dose, potassium will increase by 0.21ppm.