Aqua One Airstone Pvc Encased Green 50cm (10127)

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Aqua One Airstone PVC Encased Green 50cm (10127)

Aqua One Air Stones provide ample oxygen and water movement, assist in releasing carbon dioxide build-ups and add an aesthetically pleasing element to your aquarium.

Features & Benefits:

Provides ample oxygen and water movement within your aquarium
Assists in releasing carbon dioxide build-up
Releases a constant stream of fine small bubbles that will not disturb your aquatic inhabitants
Encourages healthy bacteria growth
Adds an aesthetically pleasing element to your aquarium display
Can attract active schooling fish and strong swimmers who often like to play with small bubble currents
Intended to be used with an air pump, check valve and airline tubing
Available in various sizes and styles
Suitable for: Coldwater and Tropical