About Us


First opened in Hurstville in 2004 on Forest Road, Hurstville Aquarium was a small local fish store started by a passionate enthusiast whose life was all about FISH. In 2009 we found ourselves outgrowing our little 100sqm store.

To continue our service to the area we moved 5 minutes away to a Queens Road, in a shop double the capacity!


Fast forward to 2015, Hurstville Aquarium comes under new ownership by a passionate enthusiast that started out with his first tank bought from the same store! With a background in African Cichlids and now a passion for Marine and Aquascaping. We are always constantly looking to evolve and improve the way our store operates to cater for a wide variety of clientele with passions for different aspects in the hobby.

We now have a large range of livestock in over 100 holding tanks. With weekly deliveries of different species from around the world and some of the BEST Australian caught marine fish and corals perfect for your fish only with live rock tank or full blown reef tank.

With a huge selection of products including Aquaforest, Aqua One, Red Sea, Seachem, Ultimate Aquacare (now Quantum), Hikari, Dainichi, Continuum, API, Nutrafin, EcoTech Marine, Aqua Illumination, ADA Amano, Ocean Nutrition, Fluval, Hagen, Mr Aqua, Up Aqua, Kessil, Dalua, Maxspect, Eheim, Topical.pl, Two Little Fishes, Reef Octopus, Nyos, Kazoo, Hailea, Real Reef Rock and many more!

Since 2015 we have had our store featured on Chanel Nine's Celebrity Apprentice. we also had the pleasure of hosting American Youtuber Jake Adams (RIP) of Reef Builders visit our store. (Reef Builders video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCAgG2o_cO8&t=391s) and also recently Sam Parker from Parkers Reef (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KZKGJnQA64&ab_channel=ParkersReef)