Easy Life Voogle (ultimate Immune Booster) 1000ml 1l 1lt

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Easy Life Voogle (Ultimate Immune Booster) 1000ml 1L 1Lt

Easy-Life Voogle is a highly potent immune system booster, a highly effective alternative to antibiotics for fish.

Voogle is a prophylactic, a compound designed to prevent diseases by reinforcing the immune system of fish. This has a few advantages namely that Voogle is gentler on your fish compared to antibiotic medication and that Voogle can be dosed regularly (weekly to monthly) to maintain a preventative method to achieve fish health.

Voogle works by strengthening lysosomes membranes within fish. Lysosomes are responsible for fighting diseases of many types and are weakened by cortisol, a hormone released due to stress. Voogle acts to counteract the effects of cortisol and hence improve fish immune response naturally.

Dose Rates:
General maintenance: 10ml per 100L weekly

Sick fish: 10ml per 40L daily for 5 consecutive days

Very sick fish: 10ml per 20L daily for 5 consecutive daysa