Aqua One Colour Enhancing Flake Food 1kg (11578)

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Aqua One Colour Enhancing Flake Food 1kg (11578)

Aqua One Fish Food provides your fish with a naturally composed diet that will maintain energy levels, boost their immune system and enhance their natural colours. Containing essential nutrients that are easily digestible, Aqua One Fish Food is suitable for daily use.

Aqua One Colour Enhancing Flakes are intended to be included in a varied diet for daily feeding of all Tropical Fish. These flakes are specially formulated to bring out the best in your fish. Rich in Spirulina, natural algae extract used to develop striking patterns and produce naturally enhanced colours.

Feature and Benefits:

Made from high protein developed ingredients
Assists in maintaining energy levels and vibrant colours
Provides a daily balanced nutrition
Highly digestible to help reduce fish waste levels
Suitable for daily feeding
Available for a variety of species
Guaranteed Analysis:

Protein: Min 34%
Fat: Min 5%
Fibre: Max 5%
Moisture: Max 8%
Ash: Max 16%

Suitable for most tropical fish including Angelfish, Discus, Tetras, Live- bearers and Dwarf Cichlids e.g. Dutch Rams.