Aqua One Betta Condo Duo 40x24x24cm (56290)

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Aqua One Betta Condo Duo 40x24x24cm (56290)

Features & Benefits:

Aquarium set comes complete with:
Glass heater
Integrated filter
Water conditioner
Gravel Ornaments
Pre-set heater helps maintain optimum temperature
Integrated filter provides biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration
Water conditioner improves aquarium water by removing harmful toxins such as chlorine and chloramines found in tap water
Removable lid allows easy access for maintenance
Suitable For: Betta, Shrimp

Technical Information:

Dimensions: 40L X 24D X 24CM H
Volume: 20.1L
Filter Flow Rate: 100L/H
Pump Power Consumption: 2.5W
Heater Power Consumption: 25W
Spare Parts:

25169I – IMPELLER SET 169I
25311S – SPONGE 15PPI

Additional Info
Size:40L X 24D X 24CM H
Vol. (L):20.1
Flow Rate:100
Length (Cm):40
Incl. Filter:Yes
Incl. Heater:Yes
Incl. Light:No
Matching Stand or Cabinet:No