Aqua One Flora 42 Planted Aquarium (56194)

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Aqua One Flora 42 Planted Aquarium (56194)

The AquaFlora planted aquarium kits offer a complete solution for growing and maintaining aquatic plants as well as tropical fish and shrimp species. The kit includes components to optimise the lighting, heating and nutrient levels for plant growth.

Kit Includes:

55W Glass Heater
25W Substrate Heating Cable
150ml Liquid Plant Food
150ml Iron Supplement
PlantGlo LED Light
95g CO2 Kit
Features & Benefits:

Biodegradation of organic matter causes a temperature increase in the substrate. This benefits plants by increasing metabolism which in turn allows for greater uptake of nutrients and faster growth. This process is replicated by
the ‘Thermosub Substrate Heating Cable’ which raises the substrate temperature above that of the surrounding water column. In conjunction with the ‘Glass Heater’, the water and substrate temperatures are kept at optimum levels for plant growth and fish health.
Carbon Dioxide is an integral part of plant growth. Plants use carbon dioxide to photosynthesise, a process which utilises energy from light to produce sugar which in turn metabolised to produce energy for growth. Carbon dioxide also reacts with water to reduce alkalinity, lowering the pH and creating an environment which is optimal for both plants and most tropical fish species. Kit includes 95g cylinder with tank bracket, 3 in 1 bubble counter, diffuser and check value and permanent CO2 test kit.
Features white glass front and sides panels for superior clarity.
Iron Supplements and Plant Food are key ingredients to promoting plant growth. Aquarium water is usually devoid of the minerals required by plants to thrive. This combination of iron and other supplements helps to improve the mineral content of aquarium water in a ratio that provides optimum growth conditions for plants.
Light intensity and spectrum are key factors not only in the aesthetics of an aquarium, but the health of aquatic plants.The PlantGlo LED Light unit provides an energy efficient lighting solution that enhances the colours of fish while providing a spectrum that enhances plant growth.
The back filter is easily accessible from the top, and is concealed by a visually appealing black background.