Aqua One Precision 12000 Air Pump 4 Outlet 4x200lh

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Aqua One Precision 12000 Air Pump 4 Outlet 4x200lH

Aqua One Precision Air Pumps has defied the odds and become an institution which the aquatic trade refuses to let go of.

Air pumps improve filtration system performance and overall water quality by increasing water flow which helps to eliminate localised build-up of toxic chemicals such as ammonia and nitrite. This makes for happy and healthy inhabitants.

Features & Benefits:

High quality robust units that have been built to last
Silent operation
Single and twin outlets
Simple diaphragm replacement

Spare Parts:

41205 - Precision 2500 7500 12000 AP Flapper Valve 10Pk
10046-D - Precision 1500 Diaphragm
41205 - Precision 2500, 7500, AP250 Diaphragm 2pk
41208 - Precision 9500 12000 AP750 950 Diaphragm
41217 - Precision 9500 12000 AP750 Rubber End Cylindrical 2pk
41219 - Precision 1500 AP150R Flapper Valve 20pk
Suitable For: Coldwater, Tropical & Marine