Aqua One Stripglo Sunlight Reflector 90cm 21w (59017)

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Aqua One StripGlo Sunlight Reflector 90cm 21w (59017)

Aqua One StripGlo LED lighting range features an aesthetic slimline design with a sturdy lightweight aluminium casing that provides optimal lighting conditions to suit your aquarium.

The StripGlo provides full control over the spectrum and intensity of your light with the touch of a button.

Features & Benefits:

Slimline design, creating a modern look for your aquarium
Intensity adjustment with multiple channels for greater control of lighting effects
Dimmable function on all 3 channels
Energy efficient LEDs produce more light for less power than fluorescent
3 light settings
Adjustable mounting brackets to suit a variety of tank sizes
Silicone coated LED panel for a high level of water resistance
Low voltage
Sturdy lightweight aluminium casing
Available in: 4 sizes.

59015 - Stipglo Sunlight LED Reflector 45CM 12.5W
59016 - Stipglo Sunlight LED Reflector 60CM 14.5W
59017 - Stipglo Sunlight LED Reflector 90CM 21W
59018 - Stipglo Sunlight LED Reflector 120CM 26W
Suitable For: Coldwater and Freshwater Tropical