Ekoral Level Sensor

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This sensor measures precise and continuous water level without touching the water. Traditional water level sensors (such as Floaters and Optical sensors, which are floating on the surface of the water) can only measure two points inside the aquarium; the maximum and the minimum of the water level. The eK Level Sensor uses ultrasound to take continuous measurements of the changing levels of tank water and it also compiles and digitizes the changes in water level over time, so that you can have readily available, accurate data.

Product Features:
No constant adjustment
No algae build-up
Instant water-level reading
Accuracy: 3mm (0.01ft)
Measuring Range: 5 ~ 400cm (0.16~0.33ft)
Measuring Angle: <15°

All specifications are relating to average parameters and may vary depending on settings and operating conditions.

Package Information:
Contents: 1 x Level sensor
1 x Mounting bracket (L-shaped)
1 x Mounting bracket (U-shaped)
3 x Screws
1 x Plastic bolt
Size: 140x85x47mm (5.51"x3.35"x1.85")
Weight: 135g (0.3lb)

Mount the sensor parallel to the surface of the water.
Set the sensor 10~14cm (0.33~0.46ft) from the surface of the water.