Quantum Kh Conditioner 250ml

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Plant Essential® KH Conditioner is scientifically formulated to gently raise the KH and increase the CO2 availability of your planted aquarium without increasing sodium levels. Without the regulation of KH, the pH of your aquarium is far more susceptible to fluctuation which may lead to decreased efficiency of biochemical processes essential to the livelihood of your aquarium inhabitants. This product must be used alongside of our GH Conditioner, as temperature in combination with the triad GH, KH and pH, are essential for the quality and longevity of your aquarium.

We recommend maintaining 1-3dKH, however different plant species may require specific dKH ranges

– Deionised Water
– Safe KH Mineral Salts


This product must be used in freshwater planted aquariums only.

Shaking of this product is not required, however, if left standing for an extended period of time; invert bottle 3-4 times prior to use.

For dosing directly into the aquarium – we recommend diluting with your aquarium water first, then slowly adding into high flow.

For dosing into water change container – we recommend adding slowly while mixing then continue water change as usual.

1 capful/100L (26 gal) will raise aquarium water by 0.5dKH. When using this product during a water change, only dose for the volume of water change. Note: 1 capful = ~10mL