Quantum Pure Phyto 1l

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Quantum Pure Phyto 1000ml 1L

Pure Phyto is designed to provide natural marine based phytoplankton, phycocyanin extract and energy without any fillers, unwanted nutrients, or heavy metals due to using only the finest grade raw of raw ingredients available. These constituents provide protein, fats, fatty acids, vitamins,energy, natural colour enhancers and much more. The phytoplankton is aquacultured in Ultra-pure saltwater to ensure the finest final product. No harsh chemicals are used in the phycocyanin extraction process. The result is an uitra-pure Phytoplankton supplement with added extras & benefits, perfect for all reef aquariums with no refrigeration required.

Keep out of reach of children, In case of contact with eyes or skin flush immediately with running water for 5-15 min, if irritation persists seek medical advice. If swallowed seek medical advice immediately, sip water if possible and do not induce vomiting unless told to do so by the medical professional

- Deionised water
- Phytoplankton, Phycocyanin extract & energy

Instructions:Shake vigorously for 20-30 seconds before each use. If skimmer is not accustomed to the use of phytoplankton, this product may temporarily alter skimmer performance. Prior to feeding, turn off skimmer & return pumps, allow corals to consume Pure Phyto for 30 minutes then turn equipment back on.

Lightly stocked = 1/2 capful/100L (26 US gal) twice per week for broadcast feeding
Moderately stocked = 3/4 capful/TOOL (26 US gal)twice per week for broadcast feeding
Heavily stocked = 1 capful/TOOL (26 US gal) twice per week for broadcast feeding

Note: 1 capful = ~10mL. For target feeding, add 3mL of Pure Phyto + 1mL of Bio-Enhance + 4mL of aquarium water & gently feed, it is possible to vary the amount added due to the stocking density of the aquarium. This product can also be added to Coral Cane at a ratio of 1ml Pure Phyto + 1ml Bio-Enhance per scoop of cca Coral Cane. For easier dosing, informational videos and help, download our FREE ‘Quantum Aqua’ app!