Quantum Resin Regenerator 1l

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Resin Regenerator™ is designed specifically to regenerate Quantum Freshwater Nitrate Remover Pro™. This allows you to regenerate the resin up to 10x before the biodegradable resin can be discarded. Do not use other regenerating products as they can cause permanent damage to our resin and do not use Resin Regenerator on competing products for the same reason. We recommend that once each amount of Freshwater Nitrate Remover Pro™ is used, store it in a sealed, wet bag (RODI) until the entire bucket of resin is used up. Then regenerate the entire bucket using our Resin Regenerator™.

Suitable for these environments:

Freshwater | Pond

– Deionised water
– Proprietary blend of regenerating compounds

For every 1L of Freshwater Nitrate Remover Pro™, add 500mL of Resin Regenerator™ followed by 500mL RODI into a clean vessel. Mix thoroughly yet gently using a clean utensil then add 1L Freshwater Nitrate Remover Pro™. Stir frequently for 24-48 hours. If wanting to use a pump, please ensure that the resin is within a bag and not able to be sucked through the pump as this may damage it. After the regenerating process is completed, we recommend thoroughly rinsing the resin with RODI water before introducing it back into the aquarium.

Do not let the resin dry out as drying out will cause permanent damage to the resin.