Quantum Universal Plant Fertiliser 250ml

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Quantum Universal Plant Fertiliser 250ml

Universal™ is designed to provide very simple dosing for the beginner hobbyist and contains all 18 essential elements required by plants including macro, micro & trace, as well as natural accelerants and bioavailable carbon sources. This helps to promote plant & root growth, enhance colouration and improve overall health. This product has been developed for beginner enthusiasts, as a result it contains no elevated nitrate or phosphate to reduce algal bloom potential when used correctly and is only recommended for lightly stocked aquariums. This product is not designed to be used in aquariums with CO2 .

– Deionised water
– 18 Essential Elements required by plants
– Natural accelerants & bioavailable carbon sources

Shake for 10-20 seconds before using. We recommend diluting the Universal amount that you are about to add into the tank with aquarium water first, then slowly adding into high
flow. This product must be used in lightly stocked freshwater planted aquariums only.

Dose 1 capful of Universal per 100L (26 gal) of aquarium water every week, or as required. 0.15ppm