Rio Seio Surge 10k Surge Prop Pump 6400 To 10800 Lph

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• Wavemaker Water Pump
• Built in 4 Stages Flow Pattern
• Plug and Play

Cycle Time: Low 5 seconds, medium 5 seconds, medium high 5 seconds and high 6 seconds

Varied ocean currents in the aquarium without any remote control, timer, transformers and/or wave-maker, this state of the art pump is plug and play. Seio Surge Pump simulates natural currents of the ocean that aid in coral growth and feeding. This pump is pre-programmed in all settings to gradually increase water flow from 1680-2840 GPH (6400-10800 LPH). The next generation in water circulation, Seio surge pump is the first pump in the aquarium industry that does not require any remote controller or transformer to run.