Sera Shrimps Natural 55g

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Sera Shrimps Natural Diet 55g is a staple dietary food suitable for shrimps of all breed and size. These tasty sinking granules are manufactured to provide essential nutrients for marine and freshwater shrimps and contain a high percentage of spirulina and alder cones to aid healthy growth and development, coloration, and a strong immune system. The key features of the Sera Shrimps Natural Diet Food 55g are:

Complete diet suitable for shrimps of all species and size.
Suitable for marine and freshwater aquariums.
Sinking granules allow shrimps to hold and carry their food to a safe spot for consumption.
Long-lasting construction ensures granules don’t crumble, dissolve, or break apart too quickly.
Contains spirulina and alder cones to support healthy growth and shedding.
Helps to improve fertility rates, enhance coloration, and strengthen the immune system.