Up Aqua Inline Atomizer 12/16mm

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Designed for use with external filter, this CO2 diffuser sits between your filter and the filter outlet, ensuring that the CO2 has as much contact time with the water as possible.It provides very tiny bubbles which will dissolves quickly and efficiently when exiting from the filter outlet

Made of high quality plastic, making it durable. With the removable suction cup, this atomizer can easily be mounted aquarium or inside a cabinet, allowing it to remain out of sight.

Product Details

Suitable for external filters with an internal pipe diameter of 16mm.
Produces very fine bubbles which have a long contact time with the water.
Safety-NutsR system ensures the CO2 tube remains tightly locked in.
Product Dimension:
11cm x 7cm x 4.5cm (H x W x D)

Pipe dimension:
16/22 mm