Vitalis Aquatic Nutrition Tropical Pellet 1mm 70g

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Our Tropical Pellets Deliver A Palatable And Highly Digestible Balanced Feed. They Are A Complete Pet Food For Fish.


Formulated With Our Key Nutritional Ingredients, A Blend Of Algae, And A Tailored Balance Of Vitamins And Minerals, Our Tropical Pellets Are Designed To Deliver A Complete Source Of High-Quality Nutrition. The Natural Pigments Present In Our Ingredients Also Help To Support A Healthy Coloration In Your Fish.


Each Of Our Pellet Diets Is Soft For Ease Of Digestion And Designed To Sink Slowly In Water. This Is To Encourage A Natural Feeding Experience For Fish.

Pellet Size: 1mmØ
Pot Sizes: 70g, 140g, 260g
Formulated For All Tropical Freshwater Fish, Including:

Guppies, Mollies, Platies, Pufferfish, Snakeheads, Rainbowfish, Gobies, And Larger Barbs, Tetras, And Characins.