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Pre-Quarantined Fish

It's been a very long 6 months since we decided to shut down a couple of tanks and trail out something that no other shop has done before. PRE-QUARANTINED FISH!!! No, not what importers and our wholesalers are required by the government to do. But to properly quarantine our marine fish. As we have tried to educate 1000's of enthusiast on how to properly quarantine their fish, we realised we need to lead by example and do what we've been teaching for YEARS!


What we have done:

We have shut down 20 of our goldfish tanks and have converted them to marine saltwater tanks and will be using these tanks to individually isolate fish for a minimum of 2 weeks. We will have a small window of opportunity to purchase these fish on the weekend they arrive at our normal retail prices.


Our process:

We will hold the fish in the isolation tanks for the weekend to ensure they are well fed and settled in before they go for a round of copper treatment. What this does is ensures that the fish is free of marine ich (Cryptocaryon irritans) and other diseases. During the treatment they are fed a wide variety of different food. For dry food we choose to use a mix Tropical Bionautics, Vitalis Marine Pellet, Ocean Nutrition Formula One Pellet and Ocean Nutrition Seaweed mixed with assorted frozen food mix with added vitamins. From this cocktail we let it mix and defrost with praziquantel and metronidazole to help with worms and flukes. Should either appear the tank will go through a full strength dose to remove the parasites. Details will be labeled on all the tanks with the tank code number, date introduced and dates each medication has been used.



The price of the fish will remain at our normal retail prices for fish in our main system, we also have prices for pre-quarantined and post-quarantined on our Facebook album. We have added a quarantine fee to these fish to help cover the running cost and risk of these tanks. We hope that you guys will appreciate the extra amount of thought, work, equipment, set up, overheads and risk involved in what we are doing. As it is unfortunate in the hobby, but the sad truth is not all fish survive in captivity. Especially going through a treatment of copper, which is good for the fish as it kills unwanted disease and parasites, but can be a stressful time for them.



For the extra quarantine fee we will guarantee you that the fish will be in the best health it can be in and 100% trained to take dry food. But we must stress that although we may do our best to treat these fish. There will ALWAYS be a chance that they will be affected again if there are existing issues already within a tank, or with any future additions that have not been quarantined (this includes Coral too!)


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