Aqua One Aquarium Cleaning Bucket Kit (10349)

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Aqua One Aquarium Cleaning Bucket Kit (10349)

Aqua One Aquarium Cleaning Kit includes all of the essential items you need to maintain your tank’s health and cleanliness.

Suitable for Coldwater and Tropical

Features & Benefits:

Kit Includes:
Gravel Vac
Hand Towel
Water Conditioner
Algae Pad
Bucket Clip
10L Square Bucket
Gravel Vac is an effective way to perform water changes while quickly removing both waste and water from the aquarium
Hand Towel is made from durable cotton that is highly absorbent
Water Conditioner Health Plus improves aquarium water by removing harmful toxins such as chlorine & chloramines found in tap water, enhancing the natural protective slime coating on fish
Algae Pad assists in removing algae and hard water deposits from the glass of your aquarium
Bucket Clip is designed to clamp along the rim of the bucket and stabilise the hose, making the water change process easy
10L Square Bucket is equipped with handle and lid for easy portability