Aqua One Aquastyle 620 Tank Gloss Black (52010gbk)

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Aqua One AquaStyle 620 Tank Gloss Black (52010GBK)

Aqua One AquaStyle range caters to all levels of fish keeping with a hinged lid and top filter to keep the water clean. The curved design of the aquarium offers seamless viewing without distortion whilst the energy-efficient LED lighting promotes lush plant growth and intensifies the natural colours in your fish.

The AquaStyle matching cabinet range offers a strong and simple design, with storage space for aquarium equipment.

Features & Benefits:

Water quality and clarity is maintained by a removable three stage top filter for mechanical, chemical and biological filtration - with all media included
Two-way single switch LED technology provides brighter, clearer and more energy efficient lighting with a Moonlight function with ‘Blue Only’ option or ‘All Lights’ (RGB) option
Curved corner glass for seamless viewing
Convenient hinged hood allows easy access for feeding and maintenance
Available in various sizes
Matching cabinets sold separately (click here to view cabinet)

Suitable for: Coldwater and Tropical

Available in:

52010GBK 620 AquaStyle 90L Curved Glass Aquarium Gloss Black

Additional Info
Code:52010GBK, 52010GWH
Type:Coldwater, Tropical
Size:62W x 39D x 52cm H
Vol. (L):90
Lighting:16W LED
Filtration:Top Filter
Flow Rate:550L/hr
Voltage:220 ~ 240V AC
Colour:Black, White
Length (Cm):62
Incl. Filter:Yes
Incl. Heater:No
Incl. Light:Yes
Matching Stand or Cabinet:Yes