Aqua One Floating Magnet Glass Cleaner 12mm (10102)

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Aqua One Floating Magnetic Glass Cleaner 12MM (10102)

The Aqua One Floating Magnetic Aquarium Glass Cleaner is the quick, no mess, no fuss way to clean your aquarium. You can keep your hands dry while the magnet removes algae from the aquarium glass.

The super strong magnet and non-slip handles make cleaning a breeze, while the anti-scratch cleaning pads provide effective algae removal. The floating magnet ensures the magnet will never sink the bottom of your aquarium.

Features & Benefits:

Quick, clean and convenient
Super strong magnets for use with glass thickness up to 16mm*
Non-slip gripped handle improves cleaning action
Anti-scratch cleaning pads – Highly efficient in removing algae from glass
Float feature, to avoid lost magnets at the bottom of your aquarium
Available in 4 sizes to suit the size and glass thickness of your aquarium