Fauna Marin Ready2reef 1000ml 1l

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Fauna Marin READY2REEF 1000ml 1L

Is a complete system for the successful start and basic maintenance of marine aquariums.
READY2REEF supplies the reef tank with calcium, magnesium, carbonate hardness and all important micro and trace elements. The highly concentrated READY2REEF is especially suitable for a good start and for the maintenance of mixed stocked reef aquariums. The dosage is possible manually or with a Dosing pump possible.
Ready2Reef – the easy start into the most fascinating hobby in the world
Reefkeeping still has the reputation of being particularly complicated, expensive and time-consuming. But this does not need to be the case! Especially at the beginning, many newcomers want a simple and easy to dose supply system that contains all the dissolved minerals needed to supply corals and filter bacteria, and preferably without time-consuming mixing or frequent partial water changes.

With our new supply system “Ready2Reef” we have developed a system that could not be simpler for the easy entry into the colorful world of reekeeping: Everything in one bottle, and the whole thing already “ready2use”!

The term biotope stands for a distinct habitat. This can be a large coral reef or a simple, small reef tank where we maintain coral fish and corals. For the latter, we have developed the appropriate care concept to make it as simple as possible: the Ready2Reef biotope.

Here, care method, supply and animal species composition fit together, because the animal groups have been selected in a way that their environmental requirements are satisfied with the simplified Ready2Reef all-around care. Colorful but hardy stony corals such as Duncanopsammia, Micromussa and Fimbriaphyllia draw the eye, while Zoanthus zoanthid anemones and Briareum polyps form dense, meadow-like stands in between. Small groups of Knopia tube corals or pumping Xenia soft corals offer a fascinating contrast to this. A dense stocking of colorfully attractive farm corals, moderately illuminated, completed with fish that require little swimming space such as some smaller goby species or a pair of hawkfish – here a Ready2Reef habitat is created that makes care easy for its keeper.

What is important in such a tank is the well-considered, imaginative design of the rock structure with numerous shelters and protrusions, which creates a three-dimensional structured relief. The Ready2Reef biotope is based on our living room reefs and is the composition of a mixed aquarium with a wide variety of corals and fish with a highly simplified, but still complete all-around supply of all its inhabitants. This extremely simple basic supply with Ready2Reef also requires little storage space, and the effort for water maintenance is reduced to the absolute minimum.

Our tank example shows a modern mixed aquarium with enchantingly pigmented corals, almost all of which are farmed. Matched with modern LED lighting and the appropriate tank inhabitants, the Ready2Reef biotope is the easiest type of reef tanks and therefore ideal for the inexperienced beginner. We recommend corals and fish which are available from captive breeding respectively coral farming or are collected sustainably.

The Ready2Reef system is especially suitable for small and medium sized tanks with a mixed stock of soft corals, hard corals (LPS and robust SPS), sea anemones, fish and invertebrates such as crabs, shrimps, sea urchins or giant clams. Due to the high concentration of the preparation, the dosing quantities are small, so that space is saved compared to more elaborate systems, and a sump is not even necessary.

With its innovative composition, the preparation provides corals and bacteria with all bioactive elements and additives needed for a healthy reef aquarium.

The Ready2Reef System is characterized by the lowest maintenance requirements. The most innovative composition reliably prevents the formation of unwanted by-products.

The Ready2Reef biotope is not as extremely low in nutrients as a typical SPS reef tank, but has slightly higher nutrient concentrations (nitrate and phosphate), which provides excellent biological stability of the aquarium. Successful operation of such a reef tank requires little maintenance and only few products. For SPS enthusiasts and dedicated beginners who want to dedicate themselves to more sensitive coral genera, we recommend the use of our Balling Light System.

With the Ready2Reef system, a weekly check of the carbonate hardness is sufficient after the initial adjustment phase. We have calculators for the correct dosage available for you on our website. The dosing recommendations given by us refer to a moderately densely stocked tank with average fish inhabitants and good feeding. Depending on the stocking density, water treatment technology and lighting intensity, the dosing quantities should be adjusted accordingly.

One liter of Ready2Reef replaces up to 20 liters of highly concentrated ready-to-use solution.
The dosage is controlled by a simple and uncomplicated carbonate hardness test.
Complete supply of corals and bacterial balance with main and trace elements
pH-neutral, innovative mineral mixture – no undesireable CO2 is formed
For the perfect start into the reefkeeping hobby
For fish, corals and other invertebrates
Easy dosing from only one small bottle
Extremely concentrated: highest yield, easy to dose, no canisters, no mixing necessary
Stable water values, as no by-products are formed; salinity is not increased