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JBL Artemio 4 4-piece sieve set for live food, e.g. Artemia

*Sieve set for ArtemioSet or other Artemia breeding devices: sieves with mesh sizes 0.15/0.3/0.6/1.0 mm
*Use: let water with Artemia run through and feed sieved Artemia (or other live/frozen food) to the fish
*Sieve combination to sieve out different sizes of live food between 0.15 and 1.0 mm. Fits precisely on the JBL Artemio 2 harvesting container
*Suitable also for other types of live food and for frozen food to separate the condensation water from the food
*Packaging contents: 4 sieves, exactly fitting on the JBL Artemio 2 harvesting container

Fish love a varied diet
An unbalanced fish diet can lead In the long term to deficiency symptoms, diseases and fatty degeneration of organs. Provide your aquarium dwellers with a varied died in the form of live food. When catching or purchasing live food there is a risk of introducing bacteria and parasites into the aquarium.

Producing your own live food has many advantages:
• Free of parasites
• Rich in fibre & healthy
• Not just a „pool“ anymore
• Promotes the hunting instinct of the fish
• Increases readiness of spawning
• Easy, quick and convenient
• Affordable alternative compared to frozen food