Kessil A360x Tuna Sun

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Kessil hits the mark with the X series 360 being 25% more powerful giving better light spread, with a 30% smaller unit and RY inclusion into their dense matirx led which not only improved the red colour but also Amber.

Light Spread / Illumination

The X360 has a light spread of 130 degrees giving better coverage.

Including a increase in light penetration of 25% more means this light can perform better over larger areas.

Where in the past most lights have been based on a 60cm segment of lighting Kessils are able to extend this to closer to 90cm.

This means on a 6ft - 180cm tank you can use just two lights rather than three.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions 11cm x 5.3cm
Unit Weight 0.37kg
Spectrum 6,000K to 9,000K + RY
Power Adapter100-240V AC (input) 19V DC (output)
Power Consumption 90W max

What's in the Box
1x A360X
1x Power Adapter
1x AC Adapter Cable
1x DC Extension Cable
1x Hanging Ring
2x Metal Screw Hook
2x Hanging Bracket