Mantis Coral Lens

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The Mantis Coral lens kit is for aquarium photography , clips on to almost any smartphone or tablet with a camera .

Filters out excess blue light , This allows you to capture stunning images of your corals the way they appear in person.

Another reason we like the the Mantis coral lens is that allows you to capture photos of your tank and corals as they appear to the naked eye, without making the colors look blown out or unrealistic.
With the Mantis coral lens you can capture and share the highest quality images of your aquarium like a pro!

Assemble clip and attach to smartphone or tablet.
Turn off any white or red lights in your tank and the surrounding room. For best results use an all blue light setting.


The Mantis coral lens is a premium quality lens that comes with everything you’ll need to clean, carry and protect it.

Mantis coral lens is built to last ,it comes with all of the following
• yellow 20000K lens
•orange 15000k lens
• macro lens
•Universal clip for easy attachment to almost any smartphone or tablet. Works with all iPhone models including iPhones and all Samsung galaxy and note models.
•Hard plastic lens covers for both front and back of lens
•Microfiber cleaning cloth