Quantum Bio Nutrients 5l

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Plant Essential® Bio-Nutrients™ is scientifically formulated to provide nitrate, complexed nitrogen, potassium, bioavailable carbon sources, boron, sulphate, organic acids, carbon dioxide alternatives and natural accelerants in order to provide a more comprehensive supplement and reduce the total number of products required. Bio-Nutrients™ helps to naturally reduce unwanted algae by supercharging plant growth and improving nutrient uptake. Dosing equal amounts with Bio-Molecules™ will provide a 5:1 N:P ratio, however you can modify this by simply adjusting the ratio of Bio-Nutrients™ and Bio-Molecules™ to achieve other N:P ratios such as 10:1. Recommended Phosphate concentration = 0.15-1ppm.

Recommended Nitrate and Potassium concentrations = 10-30ppm.

– Deionised Water
– Nitrate & Complexed Nitrogen
– Natural Accelerants & Boron
– Bioavailable Carbon Sources & Organic Acids
– Potassium & Sulphate


This product must be used in freshwater planted aquariums only.

For daily dosing – we recommend breaking down dose, then slowly adding into high water flow.

For weekly dosing – we recommend diluting with aquarium water first, then slowly adding into high flow.