Quantum Coral Cane 66g

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Comes with a free spoon and activator that are separate from the food so you don’t get smelly fingers trying to dig them out.
Contains over 110 ingredients including:
Free form amino acids, vitamins, carbohydrates, fatty acids & protein
Cellular bound amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, carbohydrates, fatty acids & protein
Natural marine food sources
A high fat content which can help corals survive in times of stress and so much more
It has 0 fillers, 0 binders, 0 excess nutrients and 0 toxic preservatives.

It won't make your skimmer go crazy so you can leave it on as there are natural ingredients in there which temporarily lower skimming to allow corals more time to consume it
This means less wasted food, less wasted money as well as keeping your aquarium well oxygenated which stabilises pH, alkalinity and improves overall health
Over 8 years of research & development has gone into Coral Cane.

Dosing per 100l:
Low stocked - 1/2 scoop
Medium stocked - 3/4 scoop
Heavily stocked - 1 scoop