Quantum Reef Essential Aragonite B Powder 9.7kg

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Reef Essential® Aragonite B™ Powder is designed to provide carbonate, hydrogen carbonate & buffers to help stabilise pH and build strong aragonite. Carbonates help to stabilise pH within saltwater aquariums due to their buffering capacity. When used alongside our Reef Essential® Aragonite A™ & Reef Essential® Aragonite C™ supplements, your aquarium will receive the necessary major, minor and trace elements required for coral health. For additional top up (if required) of minor & trace elements, we recommend using our Step 4 – Bioactive Colour Intensifiers™. Recommended alkalinity concentration = 7.4-10.5dKH (132-188ppm). Aragonite A™ & Aragonite B™ powders are formulated specifically to the calcium carbonate relationship in order to help provide a 1:1 dosing ratio.

Suitable for these environments:

LPS | Mixed | SPS

– Sodium Carbonate
– Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate
– Buffer (secret mix)


Size Volume @ 60,000ppm Alkalinity
2.4kg 35.0L (9.2 US gal)
4.9kg 70.0L (18.5 US gal)
9.7kg 140L (37.0 US gal)

Add 69g/L (0.26 US gal) and mix thoroughly until fully dissolved. This creates a 60,000ppm solution of Alkalinity. Warning: the product may be hot so wear protective glasses and gloves when using. 1mL/100L (26 US gal) will raise Alkalinity by 0.6ppm (0.033dKH), other elements will increase relatively.