Reptile One Turtle Eco 60 Glass Tank 60 L X 45 D X 45cm H

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60 x 45 x 45cm

Reptile One Turtle Eco Tanks
Michelangelo 60cm Eco Turtle Tank is the perfect home for your pet turtles.

These tanks include a wire mesh lid which allows the use of a UV producing light (sold separately) to work efficiently whilst keeping the enclosure secure.

The Turtle Eco also features a hidden back filter system which neatly conceals all the technical parts that keep your tank running.
This is a great feature that stops your turtle from knocking filters or potentially breaking glass heaters. a
All media (ceramic noodles & coarse sponge) and adjustable heater is included.

A fixed floating dock for your turtle to bask on is also incorporated into the design.
This dock is designed to adjust with the water level.

Back filter system with included sponge and ceramic noodles.
Glass heater included
Fixed floating landing dock made of turtle safe material included for your turtle to bask on
Secure wire mesh lid for added security
Dimensions: 60 x 45 x 45cm

Matching ROC 600 cabinet - available in gloss BLACK finish - sold separately