Tropical Pro Defence Micro (powder) 60g

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• hi-protein powder with probiotic for everyday feeding of the fry
• probiotic added to the food contains viable Bacillus subtilis endospores, which stabilize gut microflora, boosting fish resistance to pathogens and facilitating utilization of nutrients, which in turn accelerates fish’s growth and reduces contamination of water with fish’s feces
• the synergic effect of probiotic, beta-glucan, vitamins and carotenoids significantly enhances the immune system of the fry, increasing its resistance to pathogens
• probiotic increases the survival rate of the fry and its resistance to stress
• high content of protein, including essential amino acids, ensures healthy growth and development of fish
• properly selected vitamins, macronutrients and trace elements prevent avitaminosis, rickets and supports organ and bone development