Up Aqua Co2 Long Term Monitor

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Up Aqua CO2 Long Term Monitor Test Kit for Planted Aquariums

CO2 Indicator Kit is used to monitor approximate CO2 levels and also helps gauge CO2 levels in aquariums. The kit includes a 10ml fluid CO2 Indicator Liquid, CO2 Indicator, and a colour check sticker to help gauge CO2 levels.

The CO2 Indicator are small enough to appear unobtrusive, yet large enough to provide a clear and accurate CO2 reading.

CO2 Indicator are used for long-term monitoring of the CO2 levels in the aquarium. A CO2 reagent is filled into the CO2 Drop Checker and will change the colour according to the amount of dissolved CO2 in the aquarium water.

Green will indicate a proper CO2 value, yellow will indicate to much CO2 and blue will show not enough CO2.

Fast response time.
Use to measure CO2 levels at-a-glance.