Aqua Medic Ecodrift 15.3 App-control Current Pump

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ULTRA SILENT due to Optimized Control Electronics. Current pump suitable for use in salt or freshwater aquaria. Includes controller for adjusting the 9 different wave modes and water output. 0–10V-connection for external control. Feeding mode. Magnetic holder with vibration reducing dampers for glass thickness up to 15mm. Optional Master Controller for remote control of multiple EcoDrift pumps. Power-saving D/C motor 24 Volt. Polished ceramic shaft and bearings for quiet operation and low maintenance. Light sensor for automatic reduction of water flow at night. EcoDrift 15.2: Output 5 step adjustable 3,000 to 15,000 L/H. Consumption 10-35w. L126 x W110. Outlet Diameter 63mm. 2 year warranty.