Chihiros C Ii Series Led Light

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Ideal choice for Nano aquariums.
Suite for 20-45cm(7.9-17.8in) Nano tanks, small terrariums & Wabi-Kusa bowls.
Full adjustability in the app offering individual control over the three color channels "R" (red), "G" (green) and "B" (blue), allowing for ramping of each channel, sunrise/sunset, a built in timer.

LED Fixture includes 36 swivel for easy adjustment.
The Chihiros C II comes with a 360 degree swivel allowing you to cover in any direction from 20-45cm(7.9-17.8in).

Waterproof IP54, high quality heat sink
1 year warranty
NOT for marine use.
NOT for framed/rimmed tanks.

Feature: built in bluetooth controller.

Can Be Controlled via Mobile phone App
"Chihiros Magic"
Support Both IOS and Android OS

Casing Colour : Black

Suitable for freshwater tanks.

Black anodized aluminum alloy fixture/shell.
The LED fixture housing is made of aluminum alloy & coated with a anodized surface to effectively cool the high luminosity LEDs reducing heat, giving longer life, & longer durability of your LEDs.
The LED fixture is designed to produce a high spread without taking away from the attention of your plants & livestock.