Dr Tim's Waste Away Freshwater 240ml (8oz)

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Waste-Away dissolves sludge and dirt in your freshwater aquarium!
Waste-Away is a unique combination of bacteria that attack and dissolve organic wastes in the aquarium quickly. Even with proper maintenance and monthly water changes, slime and wastes remain in places that are hard to see and hard to reach.

Waste-Away works to remove aquarium gunk, unclog gravel beds, and keep filter pads freely flowing longer. This results in better water flow, more oxygen and a healthier aquarium environment.

100% natural
Contains no phosphates
Unclogs and cleans gravel beds
Keeps filter pads cleaner and flowing longer
Removes hidden wastes
Waste-Away should be used on a regular (weekly) basis to keep sludge from accumulating which can negatively affect fish.

Use it to help get rid of cyanobacteria, aquarium slime and to keep tanks clean!

CAUTION: When using in a tank with a large amount of sludge, consider a half-dose initially as the sludge reducing bacteria in Waste-Away may cause the oxygen level in the water to temporarily drop.

Directions for Use:

Maximum dose 10 ml per 10 gallons of aquarium water