Dymax Co2 Starter Kit-0.6l Refillable Dm333

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Dymax CO2 Starter Kit-0.6L Refillable

The Dymax CO2 Starter Kit-0.6L turns a low tech to high tech tank and allows import CO2 to be available to plants. This will help when trying to grow high demand plants or just where you want thick lush growth.

The Dymax Co2 Kit 0.6L Refillable has been Designed for aquariums up to (250 L). The Dymax CO2 Starter Kit-0.6L Kit comes complete with all the necessary items r Kit includes:

Refillable 0.6l High pressure Aluminium CO2 Cylinder ( full )
Regulator valve
CO2 ceramic diffuser
2-in-1 Bubble Counter/Check valve