Dymax Crystal Lily Pipe Set Dia. 16/22mm

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Dymax Crystal Lily Pipe Set Dia. 16/22mm

Dymax's Crystal Glass Lily Pipes are made from high-quality quartz glass, these aquarium lily pipes feature a beautiful clarity that is scratch resistant. These glass lily pipes can be used in both planted aquarium tanks and can also be utilized in saltwater reefs, coral and marine aquarium setups.

Dymax's Crystal Glass Lily Pipe set comes with both the inflow and outflow pipes and is available in two different sizes. These glass lily pipes will help provide consistent flow to all areas of an aquarium and prevent stagnant areas, also ensuring proper aeration and ideal water flow for aquatic plant growth.

This set also comes with an attachable surface skimmer. Aquarium surface skimmers are essential to keep the surface of the water clean and free from debris, plant trimmings, and bio-film. Accumulated substance on the aquarium's surface is cleared with a gentle flow to ensure CO2 gas is not wasted.

Set comes with:

1 Outflow Lily Pipe
1 Inflow Lily Pipe
4 Aquarium Suction Cups
Specifications 16/22mm:

Outflow Pipe Length: 17.5cm
Outflow Pipe Width: 17cm
Outflow Cap Size: 6.8cm
Inflow Pipe Length: 20cm
'U' Pipe Size: 8cm
'U' Pipe Spacing: 4cm
Total Inflow Pipe Length: 30cm
Outflow Diameter: 1.65cm