Eheim Uv-c Lamp For Reeflex 800 11w Replacement Globe 2 Pins

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EHEIM UV Lamp 11W - 2 Pins - reeflexUV 800 (#7315308)

EHEIM UV Lamp 11W comes with a new kind of reflector technology. 1.8 times more effective with less energy consumption compared to conventional technology. Internally fitted high gloss aluminum reflects the UV-C light and ensures more efficient sterilisation.

Quickly and efficiently reduces both harmful bacteria and fish parasites in their infectious stages in the water
Eliminates turbidity caused by algae or bacteria
High quality replacement UV (germicidal) lamp to suit:
EHEIM reeflexUV 800 11W - UV Steriliser/ UV ClarifierEheim Spare Part Number - 7315308
Please Check your Ehiem Reeflex UV Lamps carefully. Some Reeflex UVs use a 2 pin bulb and the newer ones use a 4 pin bulb.