Fluval Aquasky 2.0 Led 83.5cm - 106.5cm 25w

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Fluval Aquasky 2.0 App Controlled LED Light 83.5cm - 106cm Bluetooth

The Aquasky 2.0 is controlled by Bluetooth with an App giving you ultimate control and customisation of the colour spectrum. Combine this with the programmable timer and multiple weather effects makes Aquasky the best LED light. Ideal for Fresh and Saltwater.

The Fluval Aquasky LED is highlighted by its full spectrum, fully adjustable RGB + Super Bright 6500k White light spectrum, which can be tailored for endless colour blends to suit a wide variety of aquatic environments.

Standard on tank installations are made easy by using the extendable legs to position easily over an open tank or if you have a canopy/hood the clips are supplied to stick with suction cups to hold it in place.

The Fluval Aquasky is great for retro fitting existing T5/T8 and upgrading them to LED technology with improvement of light by simply using the supplied clips.

Smart App
Just by downloading the Free Fluval Smart App to your phone or tablet through either Apple App Store or for Android the Google Play Store gives you full control.

Programable 24 Hour Light Cycle
Program gradual sunrise, midday, dusk and night settings and mimic the natural cycle of the sun and moon to creat a realistic environment for your fish.

Customisable Colour Spectrum
Aquasky pairs super bright 6500k white LEDs with tri-colourd RGB LEDS to supply a lighting spectrum capable of replicating and enhancing natural aquatic environments. It can also enhance and bring out the colour in your fish.

Weather Effects
From stormy to lightning to dense cloud cover, recreate seasonal weather systems from the worlds great natural fish habitats.

Super bright 6500K white LEDs with tri-coloured RGB LEDs offer a fully adjustable light spectrum
App control - Choose from pre-set sky effects and infinite colour blends
Waterproof IPX67 engineering protects the light from splashing and submersion
Extendable mounting brackets allow easy installation on a variety of aquarium widths

For freshwater and saltwater aquariums