Quantum Freshwater Nitrate Remover Pro 5l

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Freshwater Nitrate Remover Pro™ can be used in freshwater aquariums and ponds to safely control Nitrate. This product is specifically formulated to be used in freshwater environments and cannot be used in saltwater environments due to sulphate interference. If wanting to remove Nitrate in saltwater aquariums, feel free to try our High Range or Low Range Nitrate Remover. Freshwater Nitrate Remover Pro™ is a human grade Nitrate removing resin which can be used in all ranges of nitrate levels. This product can be used alongside our Pelletised Activated Carbon and Bio-Active Zeolite™, but do not mix them due to the differences in hardness.

Suitable for these environments:

Freshwater | Pond


Size Max. Volume Treated @ 1ppm Nitrate
1L (0.26 US gal) 50,000L (13,207 US gal)
2L (0.53 US gal) 100,000L (26,417 US gal)
5L (1.32 US gal) 250,000L (66,043 US gal)

Using the measuring cup inside the pack, add the required amount of resin to the free 800 micro zipper-locked bag, rinse in RODI water (NOT tap water) then add to either a canister filter, media reactor or high flow area. Test nitrate weekly in order to ensure adequate time to switch out the resin. This resin can be regenerated up to 10x using our specialised regenerating fluid specific to our freshwater nitrate remover. Do not use competitor regenerating fluids as they may permanently damage the resin. Refer to label and mark the boxes to keep track of how many times this product has been regenerated using our specialised regenerating fluid.

Metric dosing:
(L of aquarium x ppm NO3)/50 = mL resin required

Variances to these values can be changed due to the different bio loads within the aquarium. Do not let the resin dry out as drying out will cause permanent damage to the resin.