Quantum Freshwater Phosphate Remover 1000ml 1l

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Phosphate Remover (Freshwater) 1000ml 1L

Eliminates Ionic & Chemically Bound Phosphate.
Phosphate Remover (Freshwater) is designed to eliminate both ionic & chemically bound phosphate in freshwater aquariums which will help to remove nuisance algae. Phosphate exists as ionic and chemically bound by calcium, this causes fluctuations of GH and a false low phosphate reading due to the inability for test kits to be able to test for bound phosphate. Media & carbon sources remove the ionic phosphate but take long to remove the bound phosphate due to its high stability. Phosphate remover will precipitate out both ionic and chemically bound phosphate and place it in existing filter wool/socks. We have modified our Saltwater Phosphate Remover to be better suited to freshwater aquariums due to the differences in environments. Note: A fine white film building on the glass indicates that you are overdosing, we recommend adjusting your dose and using our White Film Remover to safely clean any build up.

– Deionised water
– Purified Lanthanum

Shaking is not required, however, if product has been left standing for a length of time invert bottle 3-4 times before using. For dosing directly into the aquarium – we recommend diluting with your aquarium water first, then slowly adding into high flow.

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