Quantum Pelletised Activated Carbon 2.5kg

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Removes odour, tannins, heavy metals & organic toxins from aquarium water.
Plant Essential ® Freshwater Essential ™ Pelletised Activated Carbon has an immense mechanical strength designed to withstand the high-water pressures present within canister filters. Pelletised Activated Carbon also has improved hydrodynamics due to its larger size. The larger size decreases compression; allowing water to pass through with relative ease. Pelletised Activated Carbon will remove organic waste, toxins, phenols (colour), odour, heavy metals, chlorine & chloramine without leaching phosphate, affecting pH or releasing the molecules it has adsorbed.
• Lightly stocked = 18g/month per 100L
• Moderately stocked = 30g/month per 100L
• Heavily stocked = 60g/month per 100L
• Copper removal = 300g/month per 100L

Rinse in RODI water, replace every month. Place in high water flow area or canister filter.