Reef Pure Ro Pressure Gauge With 1/8" Male Connection

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Measuring the feed in pressure that your RO/DI system is receiving is simple with a built-in pressure gauge, it can monitor the operating pressure of the system in real time and alert you when the system is not operating at the right pressure.

If the operating pressure is too low, a booster pump can be added to increase the operating pressure to the ideal range.

Easy to install
Know when it is time to replace your clogged system prefilters.
Ensure that your system is operating at it’s best.
Directly monitor the feed-in pressure that your RO membrane/s is operating beneath
Be aware of changes in your RO/DI systems performance
Note: The Pressure Gauge 1/8” M Connection requires the Pressure Gauge Membrane Housing Connector for mounting to an RO membrane housing or the Pressure Gauge 1/4” Quick Connect Fitting for mounting in-line.