Sera Crabs Natural 30g

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Sera Crabs Nature Crustacean Food 30g is a staple dietary food suitable for crabs and other crustaceans. These tasty sinking loops are manufactured to provide the staple dietary requirements for marine and freshwater crustaceans and contain a high percentage of spirulina and alder cones to aid healthy digestion and development. The key features of the Sera Crabs Nature Crustacean Food are:
Complete diet suitable for crustaceans including crabs and lobsters
Suitable for marine and freshwater species.
Sinking food loops allow crustaceans to hold and carry their food to a safe spot for consumption.
Long-lasting construction ensures loops don’t crumble, dissolve, or break apart too quickly.
Contains spirulina and alder cones to support a healthy digestive system and promote body growth.
30g tub.