Quantum Blackwater Extract 5l

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Blackwater Extract is designed to naturally soften water (by binding high levels of calcium and magnesium), provide natural anti-bacterial properties, promote vibrant colouration and improve overall water quality. Organic Acids, Indian Almond Leaf, Catappa Leaf and Alder Cones have their beneficial components gently extracted without the use of harsh chemicals, leaving behind the plant debris among other impurities to be filtered out, giving a rich, dark extract without the addition of artificial colours or colour enhancers

-Deionised Water
-Organic Acids
-Indian Almond Leaf Extract
-Catappa Leaf Extract
-Alder Cone Extract

Shake vigorously for 20-30 seconds before each use, this product is not to be used with a a dosing pump. For dosing directly into the aquarium - we recommend diluting with your aquarium water first, then slowly adding into high flow. For dosing into wter change container - we recommend adding slowly while mixing then continue water change as usual. This product must be used in freshwater aquariums only. Temporary cloudiness is normal and desired as the organic acids soften the water by binding calcium & magnesium

Approximate dose for desired water colour*
2 caps/100L (26 gal) light
4 caps/100L (26 gal) medium
8 caps/100L (26 gal) dark
*we recomend using 1/4 of your desired dose; wait for the Blackwater Extract to mix thoroughly then add the remaining amount with a possible adjustment (if required) as the light intensity/spectrum, tank depth etc. does influence the colour of your aquarium. For easier dosing, download our FREE "Q dosing" app!